James A. Hughes, Ph.D. (1924-2007)

  • A Simplified Hebrew Grammar for Beginners

    This grammar is for those beginning the study of the Hebrew language. A grammar for beginners should be as simple as possible. But a glance at the first few pages of the average introductory Hebrew grammar is sufficient to show that there has been a failure to meet this requirement and that therefore a simplified Hebrew grammar is greatly needed. The material is presented in outline form and is replete with examples. And unnecessary technical language has been omitted.

  • Another Look at the Hebrew Tenses [zipped file]

    Proposes an alternative to the 'aspect theory'. (Journal of Near Eastern Studies, Vol. 29. No. 1, 1970, pp. 12-24.

  • Revelation 20.4-6 and the Question of the Millennium

    Considers the Revelation passage, which seems to be the primary battleground with regard to the controversial question of the millennium. (Westminster Theological Journal, Vol. 35, No. 3, Spring, 1973, pp. 281-302)

  • The Westminster Confession of Faith in Modern English
  • The Case for Infant Baptism [zipped file]

James R. Hughes