Who We Are

Our name tells you a little about us:

  • Our church is Evangelical. We accept the entire Bible as the word of God and, therefore, as our only rule of faith and conduct.
  • Our church is Presbyterian. It is governed by a body of Teaching and Ruling Elders who have equal voice in the government of the church.
  • As a Presbyterian church, we subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith (1647), the Larger and Shorter Catechism, The Directory for Public Worship, and Form of Presbyterian Church Government.

In accordance with the pattern of worship evident in the New Testament church—a pattern revived by the Reformation—we use the Book of Psalms in praise-worship, without instrumental accompaniment. (For more information, please refer to In Spirit and Truth--Worship as God Requires.)

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church was founded in Toronto in 1928. Our first building was constructed in downtown Toronto in 1931. Our congregation moved to suburban North York (Bayview and Sheppard) in 1976. We occupied our new building, constructed at the rear of the same property as part of a condominium development project, in October 2017. (See our congregational history for more detail.)

Our congregation is made up of people from a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This is one visible expression of the fact that our message—the message of the Bible—is not designed for any particular group of people. In fact, because of our firm adherence to Biblical simplicity, we believe that our church is equipped to speak to everyone. It is our desire to reach out in a Biblical and relevant way, to the highly diversified society around us in Toronto.

We are part of the St. Lawrence Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America.