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Welcome to our website. I believe with all my heart that it is not by chance you find yourself here. Do you believe that? Perhaps not. But living at a time when so many attribute life, its origins, its living, and its dying, to mere chance, why not read on and seriously consider that life and all its wonder, as well as its difficulties, is a result of more than mere chance ...

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Vision and Mission

  • Statement of Purpose

    Our desire as a congregation of the church of Jesus Christ in Toronto is to worship God as He commands; teach the historic Christian truth presented in the Bible and proclaimed by the Reformation; witness to the Lord Jesus as our only Saviour; and, with the Holy Spirit’s help, live lives that increasingly conform to God’s will as expressed in the Ten Commandments.

    Biblical Christianity Compared with Other Beliefs

    Biblical Christianity compared with a sample of other belief systems existing today, by selected key belief factors, which highlight the differences.

    Why We Sing the Psalms and do not use musical instruments in praise-worship


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