A Message from our Pastor


Welcome to our website. I believe with all my heart that it is not by chance you find yourself here. Do you believe that? Perhaps not. But living at a time when so many attribute life, its origins, its living, and its dying, to mere chance, why not read on and seriously consider that life and all its wonder, as well as its difficulties, is a result of more than mere chance.

I say this because I believe that the Bible teaches that there is a Creator of the universe, who has radically and lovingly revealed himself in and through his Son, Jesus Christ, who saves us from our sins; that this Jesus experienced all that we will ever experience in life (but without sinning), even dying. Far less as a pastor, but as a human being, I am glad that Jesus understands what it is like to live in this world, not only with its blessings, but with its difficulties and disappointments as well.

Furthermore, I am thankful and glad that on a Sunday, my Congregation and I can gather together in Jesus' name. When we do so, we worship him as the One who not only died, but rose from the dead. Every Sunday is Resurrection Day! No matter whether the previous week has been a good one for us or not so good, we can be reminded of the hope and joy that can be ours because of his resurrection.

What are you doing this Sunday? Maybe it has been a while since you last went to a church service; maybe you have never been to one. Why then not consider responding to my invitation to meet with us this coming Sunday at our services? I can assure you of a warm welcome. I can also assure you that in gathering to pray, and to sing and listen to God’s word, many of your questions regarding life, and your life, can be answered. You will find that you are in the company of people who, in the midst of life, are able to say that God has helped them and who continues to help them.

You can find out more information about us from our website but we would be delighted to tell you more about ourselves, face to face, and about the God who does love us.

Oh! And, by the way, you didn’t come this web site by chance. Wishing you God’s richest blessing,

Allan MacLeod