Microsoft Word Concordance Generator

This Microsoft Word Concordance Generator application provides functionality for you to:

  • Create a list of every word that is used in a document.
  • Identify ‘words’ to be included in Word concordance files:
    • Single word subject
    • Single word name
    • Multi-Word (subject or name)
    • Numbers
    • Bible references
  • Sort potential candidate words for inclusion in a concordance file alphabetically (A-Z or Z-A) or based on frequency of the occurrence of words within a Word document (1-9 or 9-1)
  • Filter potential candidate words based on the index category (e.g., name or subject) to which they have been assigned
  • Load previous concordance files that were created by this application or outside of this application
  • Edit a concordance file previously produced by this application
  • Merge concordance files
  • Identify words to be added to a stop-word file, which can be applied to a Word document to limit the number of potential candidate words for inclusion in a concordance file
  • Edit a stop-word file produced by this application
  • Merge stop-word files
  • Produce a series of reports, such as:
    • Frequency of the words used in a document
    • Words not in a concordance file
    • Stop-word file additions
    • Adjacent words (word pairs)
    • Embedded words (i.e., words that could be part of another word, such as ‘hat’ within ‘that’; which occasionally cause the Word indexer to create false-positives)
  • Produce multiple types of concordance files for insertion into a Word document to create an index
  • Process strings of characters which are made up entirely of numeric digits such as years (e.g., 1517, 2020), numbers (e.g., 40,000), more complex dates (e.g., 2020-11-30, July 1st), and strings containing numbers (e.g., 3Com, C12H22O11), and designate which to include in a concordance file
  • Identify Bible book references in a Word document and produce a concordance file (containing chapter/verse) sorted by Bible book order, a frequency report, and an anomalies report
  • Incorporate multiple separate concordance files (e.g., names, subjects, numbers, and Bible references) into a single Word document

Download (demo version): Microsoft Word Concordance Generator