Announcement: Worship Services During the COVID-19 Situation

2020-03-19 at 5:15pm
Considering the recent developments regarding the COVID-19 virus, we have arranged to use the technology available to us and provide our worship services only by live video link, for at least the next two Lord’s Days (we will continue to monitor recommendations from public health professionals about preventing the spread of the virus). We believe that it is crucial that we all hear God’s voice at this difficult time in our lives. We need to be constantly reminded that our Savior is on the throne and nothing happens outside of his providential control. We encourage you to join with us electronically and hear the reading of the scripture, singing of the psalms (using recorded selections), public prayer, and preaching.
The video link is as follows:
The live streaming sessions will be opened at about 10:55am for the 11:00am service, and at about 5:55pm for the 6:00pm service.
When you enter YouTube, you will see a red box with Live Now. Click on the LIVE Now button and you will be joined to the streaming session.
You may join the streaming session using any electronic device (PC, tablet, or phone) that has access to the Internet and to YouTube.
Please pray for our pastor, Allan, as he prepares and delivers God’s message to us in this new way.
We will not conduct public prayer meetings or Sunday School classes until further notice. Please be assured that we will resume our regular meetings as soon as it is deemed advisable to do so.
Please continue to pray for our families, our community, Canada, and the world (2 Chronicles 7:14). We worship and serve a great and merciful God.
In Christ,
EPC Session