Building Access

Access to the church building is from the south, off the laneway that runs between Rean Drive and Barberry Place. You may enter through the door on the east side or ascend the stairs to enter the door on the west side. If you have challenges with climbing stairs, we recommend that you enter through the lower level doors on the east side (closest to Rean Dr) and use the elevator to reach the sanctuary floor.
Until the condominium parking garage is complete, we may park at Bayview Village Mall, in the lower level in the two rows parallel, and closest, to Sheppard Ave., between Hawksbury Dr. and the ramp to the upper level. Display a sign on your dash that says, ‘Presbyterian Church’. Parking on Rean, beside the park, is permitted on Sundays. It is a shorter walk than from Bayview Village Mall. We request that spaces closest to the church building be left for people who have difficulty walking or have young children. Young men in our congregation can provide a valet parking service if that will be helpful for you.